1. Do you buy or sell used instruments?

We are a national warehouse distrubution company that happily shares it's inventory, expertise, and warehouse pricing with our friends of southeastern Idaho. As such, we are not able to buy, sell, or consign used products.

2. Do you have a list, or can you recommend, a private music teacher?

For many years we maintained a list of private music instructors in the store to hand out or e-mail to customers. The list was difficult to maintain and with teachers constantly moving or changing contact information, it's accuracy was marginal at best. A large priority for this website was to provide a more accurate and timely way for customers to have this information. Please click Teacher List to search available instructors residing in southeastern Idaho.

3. Where did your print music go?

For over 50 years the display of retail print music was on the 2nd floor in Idaho Falls. In efforts to expand the display, increase convenience, and customer service, the department was moved to the 1st floor in May 2009. Since doing so, we have been able to triple the number of titles on display and provide faster customer service with 1st floor convenience. The print music warehouse is still open to the public and we encourage you to pack a lunch and spend the day browsing over 17,000 titles!

4. Do you repair instruments?

We have the in-store expertise to replace strings and do minor adjustments on guitars and orchestral string instruments. *Minor labor charges may apply. For more serious repairs, we may recommend specialized repair vendors in the area. If the instrument is a Chesbro rental, please call or visit the store prior to seeking any repairs. 

5. Do you rent instruments?

Yes, we have the largest selection of affordable rental instruments in the area. Please visit ChesbroRentals.com for details.

6. Is Chesbro Music Co. a chain-store?

We are often asked this question by visitors to the area because of our impressive inventory and selection. Our main business is wholesale distribution. The retail store in Idaho Falls is a outlet for retail sales to our beloved community. We recently opened a satellite store in Rexburg, Idaho to satisfy the needs of the university there. Everyday we take phone orders and ship our products to retail customers nationwide. Though we may not be in your hometown, please feel free to call for any need.

7. Do you offer international shipping?

Due to agreements and contracts that we have with various manufacturers we do not offer international shipping.


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