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Craig Green
  • Craig Green
  • Guitarist and Composer Craig J. Green's unique vision and constant exploration has spanned the last 20 years, through a wide and diverse constellation of artistic projects from classical jazz, avante garde, electronica and world music.

    A native of New Orleans, Craig grew up in the the “Home of Jazz” surrounded by a broad range of musical styles from an early age. After completing formal studies in New Orleans, Craig toured the United States while staying a student of Jazz and Rock improvisation with ex Frank Zappa guitarist Steve B. Wanting to explore more of the solo possibilities of the instrument, Craig then studied classical and solo guitar with Pierre Bensusan in eastern France, one of only 6 players from the United States chosen. Craig has also done graduate work at the Conservatory Von Amsterdam in the Netherlands, focusing on contemporary music through non-western techniques, as well as music research stays in India, Africa and parts of southern Europe.

    With collaboration, improvisation and teaching as the focus, Craig has scored music for stage, film, ballet and chamber ensembles, in addition to a continuous output of recorded projects, touring and constantly developing new approach and tutorial techniques for guitarists.
Andrew Smith
  • Andrew Smith
  • Andrew has taken seven years of private guitar lessons. He teaches both private and group guitar lessons, including all age groups and levels of playing. Check out a video of him on the guitar!
June Cannon
  • June Cannon
  • June Cannon is a native of Japan and came to the United States for college and graduate school when she is 18 years old. She started music training and piano at age four and was attracted to classical music since she was very young. Her parents are not musicians, but supported her desire to learn and develop. She has a BA in flute performance, a BS in pre-med, and a masters degree in molecular biology. June has been teaching piano and flute, as well as playing solos, ensembles, and in orchestras in the South-eastern Idaho area for the past 20 years. She has attended as adjudicator for many music events; is a director of flute choirs both in Blackfoot and Idaho Falls; and is a member of many musical organizations on local and national levels. Her hobbies are photography, gardening, and of course playing music.
Chesbro Music Co Violin Teacher in Idaho Falls
  • Cammy Harris
  • Cammy has had twenty-one years of teaching experience, teaching both in the private and classroom settings. Along with teaching private lessons for piano, voice, and oboe, she was also a band teacher for five years in Mesa Arizona. Cammy holds her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Idaho State University. She has also had many performing opportunities in Arizona and the South-eastern Idaho region.  

Malia Kerr
  • Malia Kerr
  • Malia is a classically trained opera singer with a Bachelors in Music from BYU-Idaho. Malia grew up in a large musical family near Portland, OR. She instructs her students on foundational techniques for all ages. Malia's students will learn proper breathing, warm ups and vocal techniques while gaining confidence and vocal power.
Dolores Park
  • Dolores Park
  • Self-taught with 60 years of experience playing the harmonica. Dolores teaches beginning to intermediate group harmonica lessons. Her knowledge & enthusiasm for the harmonica will motivate anyone wanting to pick up and start, or any experienced student wanting to hone their skills!
Jim Waite
  • Jim Waite
  • One of our most talented and long term staff members as our Idaho Falls Retail Manager, Jim Waite offers private violin lessons and teaches students from the beginning to advanced level. He also offers recitals each year to give his students performing opportunities.

  • Jim is an outstanding member of the Idaho Falls symphony and has been a member of the Pocatello symphony.
Vince Crofts - Mandolin Teacher
  • Vince Crofts
  • We are excited to have Vince teach at Chesbro Music Co. His expertise is not limited to the mandolin, as he will also teach bluegrass guitar, fiddle, and beginning banjo.
Chesbro Music Co Violin Teacher in Idaho Falls
  • Matt Gooch
Chesbro Music Co Violin Teacher in Idaho Falls
  • Jason Dyer
Chesbro Music Co Ukulele Teacher in Idaho Falls
  • Ben Parker
  • Ben Parker teaches techniques and tips to make you a better player and a happier person. As a student of the uke, you will be amazed at Ben's talent and ukulele wizardry. (Pina Colada's do not come standard with Mr. Parker's ukulele lessons, though you will have cravings afterward.)


Our new Education Center is open! Would you like to teach at Chesbro in one of our dedicated lesson rooms? Click here for details.


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